The modern furniture are Shabby with some vintage marks, in the sweet tone of grey and cream

This wonderful room has been created from an attic.

Refurbished to give value to the famous Montovolo's stones in the walls, It takes the name from the type of pears (the volpine pears are part of the ancient and rare fruits of the area) that grow on the 200 year old tree located near the house.

The modern furniture is in" Shabby" style with some vintage marks, in sweet tones of grey and cream.

There is a double bed, a single sofa bed and the possibility to add another bed for children.

Private bathroom in the room.

Quadruple: € 110.00
Triple: € 100.00
Double: € 90.00
Single: € 80.00

The price and the minimum length of the stay, might change in case of events or holidays.


A pleasing stay, for us of B&B Antico Mulino, starts with a good sleep.

You will be cuddle by the small details.

Other information on the FAQ page.

Included Services

  • 1 double bed 160x190 (slats net and memory mattress)
  • 1 single bed 80x190 (slats net and memory mattress)
  • Possibility to add another single bed for children 185x85 (paid service)
  • Electric kettle with tea/infusion/coffee
  • Free WiFi
  • TV
  • Netflix
  • Bathroom courtesy kit
  • Sweet breakfast
  • Free Parking
  • Pets not permitted.

Other solutions

the other rooms


Frescoed master room


Has the best view of the valley

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